Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14339:2005

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This European Standard specifies the requirements, test methods and marking applicable to underground fire hydrants intended for fire fighting purposes: -- to be installed in a water distribution system; -- in sizes DN 80 and DN 100; -- suitable for an allowable operating pressure, PFA, of 10 bar or 16 bar or 25 bar with or without drain facility; -- having a vertical or horizontal, flanged, socket or spigot inlet; -- with one or two outlets and having outlet/s to national requirements; -- of globe (screw down) or gate valve type. This European Standard also provides for the evaluation of conformity of the underground fire hydrants to the requirements of this European Standard. This European Standard applies to fire hydrants for potable and non-potable water and for filtered water. Additional requirements may apply for other liquids. Couplings connected to outlets are outside the scope of this European Standard and should conform to national requirements.


Brandbekämpning (13.220.10) Vägutrustning och väginstallationer (93.080.30)


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Internationell titel: Underground fire hydrants

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Fastställd: 2005-08-25

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