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Brandteknik - Vägledning för probabilistiska analyser för att verifiera brandskyddsprojektering i byggnader

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This Technical Specification provides guidance for a probabilistic approach for fire safety engineering.
Guidance is given for the use of fire safety engineering methods to evaluate compliance with an absolute
criterion. This guidance can also be used in combination with INSTA/TS 950 in order to evaluate
compliance with a comparative criterion. Performance criteria (acceptance criteria), relevant fire safety
engineering methods and input data (reliability data and fire statistics) are within the scope of this report.
This document is intended to be used as a reference for building authorities and for use in verifying
compliance with regulations by fire safety designers, local authorities and others in the building industry.
The information given within this Technical Specification should not be seen as requirements, but
guidance on verifying compliance with functional requirements in a performance-based regime – e.g.
performance criteria on property loss do not apply in regions or nations where only life safety is governed
by the authority having jurisdiction. In these cases, a voluntary performance criteria for property safety
must be set in in a process involving the relevant stakeholders.
NOTE Limitations regarding the use of this specification may be set in the National Annex.
The user of this Technical Specification must verify that applied models are valid for the relevant design
situation and that national requirements are met.


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Internationell titel: Fire safety engineering - Guide for probabilistic analysis for verifying fire safety design in buildings

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