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Markundersökningar - Hållbar efterbehandling (ISO 18504:2017, IDT)

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This document provides procedures on sustainable remediation. In particular, it provides: — standard methodology, terminology and information about the key components and aspects of sustainable remediation assessment; — informative advice on the assessment of the relative sustainability of alternative remediation strategies. This document is intended to inform practitioners about contemporary understanding of sustainable remediation. It is not intended to prescribe which methods of assessment, indicators or weights to use. Rather, it is intended to inform consideration of the concept of sustainable remediation in a local legal, policy, socio-economic and environmental context. The scope of this document is restricted to sustainable remediation — that is demonstrably breaking the source-pathway-receptor linkages — in a manner that has been shown on a site-specific basis under a specific legal context to be sustainable. The concepts of “green remediation” and “green and sustainable remediation” (so called GSR) that in some parts of the world are conflated with sustainable remediation are neither endorsed nor discussed in this document.


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Internationell titel: Soil quality - Sustainable remediation (ISO 18504:2017, IDT)

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