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Ergonomi angående den fysiska miljön - Tillämpning av internationella normer för människor med speciella behov (ISO 28803:2012)

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This international standard provides guidance to people who use and apply international standards concerned with the Ergonomics of the physical environment. They include people who are involved in environmental design and assessment. This international standard provides guidance on the application of existing international standards for people with special requirements. That is for those people who would be considered to be beyond the scope of existing standards concerned with the ergonomics of the physical environment. The standard has been produced according to the principles provided in ISO/IEC Guide 71 and the data provided in ISO TR 22411. The standard is not a database of the characteristics of people with special requirements. It uses data from the basic standard ISO TR 22411 to provide methods and criteria that will provide accessible environments for people with special requirements. The standard is not restricted to any particular environment but provides the general principles that allow assessment and evaluation. The standard applies to built environments as well as to other indoor environments, vehicle environments and outdoor environments. There may be specific features of certain types of environment that have to be taken into account, however the general principles outlined in this standard will apply. The standard applies to all occupants of environments who can be considered to have special requirements. This will depend upon context and can, for example, include babies, infants, males or females, people with disabilities, the effects of age, people who are ill and so on. A person may have a special requirement in one type of environment but not in another. The standard is based upon the principle of accessible design and provides a method for predicting the consequences (in terms of environmental comfort for example) for people with special requirements.


Ergonomi (13.180)


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