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Karaktärisering av avfall - Provtagning av avfall från utvinningsindustrin

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This Technical Report gives additional and specific information on sampling for testing of waste from the extractive industry to support the development of appropriate sampling plans. This supplementary guidance to EN 14899 is required because waste from the extractive industry differs considerably from the waste types and sampling scenarios covered in the existing technical reports (CEN/TR 15310-1 to -5) that support the Framework Standard. This guidance document should be used in conjunction with EN 14899 and its supporting technical reports CEN/TR 15310-1 to -5.

The approach to sampling described in this document is primarily focused on the requirements to undertake mineralogical and geochemical testing of the waste. Whilst much of the background information provided is also relevant to geotechnical investigations there may be important additional requirements or differences in approach for determining relevant physical parameters. For example, many geotechnical parameters are determined using field tests, which are not discussed in this document. References to alternative source documentation are provided.

The guidance provided in this document applies only to above-ground exposure to radio-nuclides present in the undisturbed earth crust and not to the production, processing, handling use, holding, storage, transport, or disposal of radioactive substances that are or have been processed for their radioactive, fissile or fertile properties.

This Technical Report provides some discussion of current best practice, but is not exhaustive. To clarify the text, the document provides a number of worked examples in the Annexes.


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Internationell titel: Characterization of waste - Sampling of waste from extractive industries

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