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Karaktärisering av avfall - Testmetoder för bestämning av monolitisk status hos avfall

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This document provides methods, which can be used to assess the monolithic character of a stabilized/solidified waste, with respect to landfilling. Information on the monolithic character is required to enable the choice of appropriate leaching tests for determination of the release of different substances from stabilized/solidified waste under specified (landfilling) conditions. This document includes several physical and/or chemical test methods each addressing different aspects of monolithic character. The selection of methods required for an assessment of the monolithic character of a stabilized/solidified waste may vary, depending on the scenario to be addressed or it can be specified in regulation. Rather than describing the procedures and methods in detail this document refers to existing standards and provides some guidance on their use on stabilized/solidified waste materials. This document does not address issues related to health and safety. The following procedures and methods are included in this document: — test to determine unconfined compressive strength; — test to determine permeability; — test to determine the loss of mass by dissolution; — test to determine expansion; — test to determine the content of organic matter; — test to determine freeze/thaw effects.


Fast avfall (13.030.10)


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Internationell titel: Waste - Test methods for the determination of the monolithic status of waste to be landfilled

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