Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13023+A1:2010

Tryckeri- och pappersmaskiner - Bullermätningsmetod för tryckeri-, massatillverknings- och papperskonverteringsmaskiner samt kringutrustning - Noggrannhetsklasser 2 och 3

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This standard specifies all the information necessary to carry out efficiently and under standardized conditions the determination, declaration and verification of airborne noise emission from printing and paper converting machines covered by the EN 1010 series and from paper making and finishing machines covered by the EN 1034 series. It specifies noise measurement methods and installation and operating conditions to be used for the test.This standard applies to those machines listed in the normative annexes A to J. The principles of this noise test code should be applied as far as possible also for the determination of noise emission of machines and machine parts not listed in the normative annexes A to J. In such cases, all information relating to assembly, installation and operating conditions as well as the arrangement of work stations should be recorded and reported in the test report. Noise emission characteristics include emission sound pressure levels at work stations and the sound power level. Declared noise emission values permit comparison of printing and paper machines on the market. The use of this noise test code ensures the reproducibility of the determination of the characteristic noise emissions within specific limits. These limits are determined by the accuracy grade of the noise measuring method used. Noise measurements specified by this standard are carried out by the engineering method (accuracy grade 2) and the survey method (accuracy grade 3).


Tryckeri- och pappersmaskiner (14.310) Buller förorsakat av maskiner och utrustning (17.140.20) Grafisk teknik (37.100) Reproduktionsutrustning (37.100.10) Utrustning för pappersindustrin (85.100)


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Framtagen av: Tryckeri- och pappersmaskiner, SIS/TK 253

Internationell titel: Noise measurement methods for printing, paper converting, paper making machines and auxiliary equipment - Accuracy grades 2 and 3

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Fastställd: 2010-03-25

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Ersätter: SS-EN 13023