Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 12203+A1:2009

Maskiner för tillverkning av skodon, läder- och konstlädervaror - Sko- och läderpressar - Säkerhetskrav

Status: Gällande

1.1 This European Standard is applicable to shoe and leather presses (see 3.1) used in the manufacture of footwear, leather and imitation leather goods and other related components. These machines are:
- Sole attaching presses (open and closed types);
- Sole and insole moulding machines;
- Back part moulding machines;
- Backer, lining and toe puff attaching presses;
- Ironing presses;
- Marking, stamping, labelling and embossing machines;
- Stitch marking machines;
- Upper preforming machines;
- Automatic shoe and leather presses;

a) Premoulding machines for thermoplastic counters and counter forming machines;
b) Integrated manufacturing systems;
c) Presses with mobile stations and rotary configuration;

- Folding presses;
- Activating presses;
- Relasting and last slipping machines;
- Top piece attaching presses;
- Leather button covering machines.

1.2 This European Standard is not applicable to:
- Cutting and punching machines;

NOTE See EN 12044.
- Eyelet, hook and decorative nail attaching machines;
- Presses used for shoe repair and orthopaedic works

NOTE See EN 12387.

1.3 This European Standard specifies safety requirements for construction, transport, installation, adjustment, setting, teaching or process change-over, operation, cleaning, maintenance, decommissioning, dismantling and, as far as safety is concerned, disposal for machines mentioned in 1.1.

It takes account of intended use, foreseeable misuse, component and system failure.


Maskiner för tillverkning av lädervaror (14.490) Maskiner och utrustning för läder- och pälsproduktion (59.140.40) Fotbeklädnader (61.060)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Europeisk standardisering utan svenskt deltagande, SIS/TK 998

Internationell titel: Footwear, leather and imitation leather goods manufacturing machines - Shoe and leather presses - Safety requirements

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Fastställd: 2009-08-24

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Ersätter: SS-EN 12203/AC:2006 , SS-EN 12203