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This document specifies the electrical requirements for the design and construction of the electrical installation in self-propelled industrial trucks that are within the scope of ISO 5053-1, except variable reach trucks as defined in ISO 5053-1:2015, 3.21 and 3.22, straddle carriers as defined in ISO 5053-1:2015, 3.18 and 3.19, and specific functions, parts and/or systems utilized for the automatic operation of driverless industrial trucks as defined in ISO 5053-1:2015, 3.32. It provides the electrical/electronic and safety-related parts of control system requirements for those self-propelled industrial trucks identified above to complete the requirements in the relevant part of the EN ISO 3691 and EN 16307 series of documents. NOTE 1 Reference is made to this document in other standards which cover the non-electrical requirements of the various industrial truck types. The requirements of this document are valid when trucks are operated under the following climatic conditions: - defined in the applicable parts of the EN ISO 3691 series and the EN 16307 series; - relative humidity in the range 30 % to 95 % (not condensing). This document deals with safety requirements for all electrical and electronic components of industrial trucks, including electrically actuated hydraulic/pneumatic valves. It specifies minimum performance levels required for safety functions realized by safety related parts of control systems. It is intended to be used to avoid or minimize hazards or hazardous situations listed in Annex I. These situations can arise during the operation in the area of use for which it is designed and during maintenance of trucks in accordance with the specifications and instruction given by the manufacturer. This document does not deal with hazards which could occur: a) during construction; b) when operating in potentially explosive atmospheres; c) because of malfunction of non-electric safety-related parts of control systems, e.g. hydraulic and pneumat ...


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Internationell titel: Safety of industrial trucks - Electrical/electronic requirements

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