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Cereals and cereal products - Sampling (ISO 24333:2009)

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This International Standard specifies requirements for the dynamic or static sampling, by manual or mechanical means, of cereals and cereal products, for assessment of their quality and condition.

It is applicable to sampling for the determination of heterogeneously distributed contaminants, undesirable substances, and parameters usually homogeneously distributed like those used to assess quality or compliance with specification.

It can be used to determine insects in a grain lot.

NOTE 1 Other methods, e.g. trapping whilst grain is in storage, are more suitable to assess pest populations.

It is applicable to sampling for assessment of the quality and condition of lots of genetically modified organisms (GMO) but is inappropriate for the determination of the presence of adventitious genetically modified material in non-GM product.

It is not applicable to seed grain.

NOTE 2 The sampling of seed grain is governed by the rules established by the ISTA (International Seed Testing Association).

NOTE 3 At the time of publication, there is no study to support the inclusion of the sampling of non-GM product in order to determine adventitious GM presence within the scope of this International Standard.


Spannmål, baljväxter samt produkter därav (67.060)


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Internationell titel: Cereals and cereal products - Sampling (ISO 24333:2009)

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