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Gasanalys - Tillverkning av kalibreringsgaser med dynamiska, volymetriska metoder. - Del 10: Permeationsmetod (ISO 6145-10:2002)

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This part of ISO 6145 specifies a dynamic method using permeation membranes for the preparation of calibration gas mixtures containing component mole fractions ranging from 109 and 106. A relative expanded uncertainty of 2,5 % of the component mole fraction can be achieved using this method. In the mole fraction range considered, it is difficult to maintain some gas mixtures, for example in cylinders, in a stable state. It is therefore desirable to prepare the calibration gas immediately before use, and to transfer it by the shortest possible path to the place where it is to be used. This technique has been successfully applied in generating low content calibration gas mixtures of, for example, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and benzene (C6H6) in air.

If the carrier gas flow is measured as a gas mass-flow, the preparation of calibration gas mixtures using permeation tubes is a dynamic-gravimetric method which gives contents in mole fractions.


Kemisk analys (71.040.40)


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Internationell titel: Gas analysis - Preparation of calibration gas mixtures using dynamic volumetric methods - Part 10: Permeation method (ISO 6145-10:2002)

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