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Skogsmaskiner - Skydd mot flygande föremål - Provningsmetod och prestandakriterier (ISO 11839:2021, IDT)

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This document establishes a laboratory test method and performance requirements for thrown object guards (TOG) that provide operator protection against thrown objects. This applies to mobile and self-propelled machinery used in forestry and related operations including, but not limited to, those defined in ISO 6814. The TOG is intended to provide reasonable protection for the operator on the host machine from powered rotating cutting or grinding elements and residual matter thrown by an attachment on the host machine.
As the tests in the document are dependent upon the mass, velocity, and the cutting or grinding element profile, the TOG meeting the requirements of this document are specific to each cutting or grinding attachment and the host machine model.
This document does not address protection from saw chain shot.
NOTE A separate standard ISO 21876 addresses saw chain shot hazards.


Skogsbruk (65.060.80)


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Internationell titel: Machinery for forestry — Thrown object guard — Test method and performance criteria (ISO 11839:2021, IDT)

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Ersätter: SS-ISO 11839:2010/Cor 1:2012 , SS-ISO 11839:2010