Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15981:2011

Europeisk studentrörlighet - Överföring av information om prestationer

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· Korrigeras av: SS-EN 15981:2011/AC:2013
This European Standard specifies a model for the recording and exchange of learner achievement information among student management information systems, as well as the aggregation of information by third party suppliers. The model proposed within this European Standard is not intended to define the representation of the entire spectrum of Learner Mobility information - the scope of the standard is restricted to the definition of the electronic representation of official, institutionally attested achievement information for learners engaged in formal learning processes, in order to facilitate its recording and subsequent exchange within the European education area. Achievement Information structured and presented in compliance with this standard may, of course, be used for other purposes - for instance, to provide descriptions of achievement to enrich a learner-owned report, in terms of an e-portfolio. However, guidance on the specification and the organisation of information for purposes other than the representation of formal achievement reports is outside the scope of this European Standard. In addition, this European Standard defines refinements to the EuroLMAI model for representing the Europass DS.


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Internationell titel: European Learner Mobility - Achievement information (EuroLMAI)

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