Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 15784-2:2019

Vägtrafikinformatik - Datautbyte med moduler utmed vägsidan - Del 2: Applikationsprofil - SNMP (ISO 15784-2:2015, IDT)

Status: Gällande · Tillägg: SS-ISO 15784-2:2019/Amd 1:2020

This part of ISO 15784 specifies a mechanism to exchange data and messages in the following cases: a) between a traffic management centre(s) and roadside modules for traffic management; b) between roadside modules used for traffic management. The scope of this part of ISO 15784 does not include the communication between traffic management centre and in-vehicle units, between roadside modules and in-vehicle units, in-vehicle communication, in-cabinet communication, or motion video transmission from a camera or recorded media. This part of ISO 15784 is complimentary to ISO 15784-3, but uses a different application layer for the information exchanges to configure, control, and monitor the field traffic control roadside modules. Where ISO 15784-3 is based on the DATEX standards, this part of ISO 15784 uses an alternative approach based on SNMP with an optional extension for more efficient transmission over low bandwidth media. Both of these standards conform to the application profile requirements set forth in ISO 15784-1.


Vägtransport (03.220.20) IT-tillämpningar inom transport (35.240.60)


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Framtagen av: Vägtrafikinformatik, SIS/TK 255

Internationell titel: Intelligent transport systems (ITS) - Data exchange involving roadside modules communication - Part 2: Centre to field device communications using SNMP (ISO 15784-2:2015, IDT)

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