Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 13894-2:2015

Dekorativa högtryckslaminater - Kompositelementer - Del 2: Specifikation för kompositelementer innehållande träbaserat material för inomhusbruk (ISO 13894-2:2005)

Status: Gällande

This part of ISO 13894 describes the general properties of composite elements surfaced, and possibly edged, with high-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) as defined in Clause 3. The composite elements specified in this part of ISO 13894 consist of HPDL sheet material adhesively bonded to one or both sides of a wood-based substrate, and are intended for normal interior use.

Requirements for special applications, e.g. where the product is subjected to extreme conditions of heat or moisture, are not part of this part of ISO 13894, although Part 1 of this International Standard describes test methods for additional properties which may be applicable to such applications (see ISO 13894-1:2000, Subclause 3.1, Note 3).

Test methods and performance levels for special applications shall be agreed between customer and supplier. Information concerning test methods for special applications is given in Annex A.


Plastlaminatskivor (83.140.20) Golvbeläggningar (97.150)


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Internationell titel: High-pressure decorative laminates - Composite elements - Part 2 : Specifications for composite elements with wood-based substrates for interior use (ISO 13894-2:2005)

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