Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 13143-2:2016

Vägtrafikinformatik - Elektronisk vägavgiftsupptagning - Utvärdering av överensstämmelse gentemot EN ISO/TS 12813 för fordons- och vägsidesutrustning - Del 2: Abstrakt testsvit (ISO 13143-2:2016)

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This document specifies the abstract test suite (ATS) to evaluate the conformity of on-board equipment (OBE) and roadside equipment (RSE) to ISO 12813 in accordance with the test suite structure and test purposes defined in ISO 13143-1:2016.
It provides a basis for conformance tests for dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) equipment (OBE and RSE) to enable interoperability between equipment supplied by different manufacturers.
In order to ascertain that OBE and RSE fulfil essential radio requirements, they are also likely to be subject to additional factory, site and system acceptance testing (e.g. of physical and environmental endurance, quality assurance and control at manufacturing, and charge point integration), which is outside the scope of this document.
NOTE For example, within the European market, the essential radio requirements are set out in European Directives, compliance with which is a prerequisite for CE marking and placing on the European market.


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Internationell titel: Electronic fee collection - Evaluation of on-board and roadside equipment for conformity to EN ISO/TS 12813 - Part 2: Abstract test suite (ISO 13143-2:2016)

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