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Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) - TTI via Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) Extensible Markup Language (XML) - Part 3: tpeg-rtmML (ISO/TS 24530-3:2006)

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This document establishes the XML encoding of the method of the Road Traffic Message application. The TPEG-RTM Application is intended to convey information to road users. The information provided relates to event and some status information on the road network and on associated infrastructure affecting a road journey. For example, limited information about abnormal operation of links in the network may be included, such as ferries, lifting-bridges, etc. The TPEG-RTM Application has the broad objective to allow the generation of Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) messages, for delivery to the end-user by one or more bearers. A hierarchical methodology has been developed to allow the creation of messages from a set of TPEG-RTM tables, which are essentially word-oriented and cover most needs. These TPEG-RTM tables (essentially word-oriented data object dictionaries) comprise a wide ranging ability to describe a TTI event and some status information, introducing new precision in a number of areas such as “Vehicle types”, “Positional information on the carriageway” and “Diversion routing advice”. It is vital, for further understanding of this document, to have more than a passing understanding of the TPEG-RTM binary specification which describes, among other things, in a step-by step approach: Message Management, Level One Classes and how they are structured, hierarchically to provide a full Road Traffic Message together with the TPEG Location Referencing system.


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