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Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) - TTI via Transport Protocol Expert Group (TPEG) data-streams - Part 3: Service and Network Information (SNI) application (ISO/TS 18234-3:2006)

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This Technical Specification establishes the method of delivering service and network information within a TPEG service. The TPEG-SNI application is designed to allow the efficient and language independent delivery of information about the availability of the same service on another bearer channel or similar service data from another service provider, directly from service provider to end-users. The term “application” is used in TPEG specifications to describe specific applications, which are at the highest layer of the ISO/OSI protocol stack (ISO/IEC 7498-1). Each TPEG application (e.g. TPEG-RTM) is assigned a unique number that is called the Application IDentification (AID). An AID is defined whenever a new application is developed. The AID is used within the TPEG-Service and Network Information Application (this document) to indicate how to process TPEG content and allows routing of data to an appropriate application decoder. AID = 0000 is assigned to the TPEG-SNI application, described in this specification. A number of tables of information are described, which provide comprehensive options for describing services, their timing, content, geographical coverage, etc. In all TPEG streams it is mandatory to deliver to so-called GST. Additionally it is possible to signal linkage of content between different bearers and services.


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