Standard Specifikation · SIS-SP 1:2012

Hälsofrämjande och fysiskt prestationsinriktade tjänster - Riktlinjer och kvalifikationskrav för personliga tränare och testledare inom fysisk aktivitet och träning

Status: Gällande

Health enhancement and physical performance-related services aiming at achieving, improving and/or maintaining fitness as well as to monitor fitness irrespective of the setting in which the services are provided. Service requirements include:

— Knowledge, skills and competence mandatory to conduct personal training;
— Scientifically supported physical measurements and assessment;
— Ethical code of practice.

Excluded are services provided as clinical/medical care and/or rehabilitation e.g.: Healthcare to treat or rehabilitate disease or injury. It further excludes group training concepts.


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Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: SIS - Tjänster och personlig säkerhet

Internationell titel: Health enhancement and physical performance-related services - Guidelines and qualificationrequirements for personal trainers and fitnesstesting professionals within physical activity and training

Artikelnummer: STD-88226

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Fastställd: 2012-12-04

Antal sidor: 28