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Innovationsledning - Verktyg och metoder för innovationspartnerskap - Vägledning (ISO 56003:2019, IDT)

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This document provides a guidance for innovation partnerships. It describes the innovation partnership framework (see Clause 4 to Clause 8) and the sample corresponding tools (see Annex A to Annex E) to — decide whether to enter an innovation partnership, — identify, evaluate and select partners, — align the perceptions of value and challenges of the partnership, — manage the partner interactions. The guidance provided by this document is relevant for any type of partnerships and collaborations and it is intended to be applicable to any organizations, regardless of its type, size, product/service provided, such as: a) start-ups collaborating with larger organizations; b) SMEs or larger organizations; c) private sector entities with public or academic entities; d) public, academic or not-for-profit organizations. Innovation partnerships start with a gap analysis, followed by the identification, and engagement, of potential innovation partners and the governance of their interaction. NOTE The essence of an innovation partnership is for all parties to mutually benefit from working together in the context of an opportunity for innovation. This document is not applicable to organizations seeking innovation by merger or acquisition.


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Internationell titel: Innovation management - Tools and methods for innovation partnership - Guidance (ISO 56003:2019, IDT)

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