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Samhällssäkerhet - Massevakuering - Vägledning för planering (ISO 22315:2014)

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ISO 22315:2014 provides guidelines for mass evacuation planning in terms of establishing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, reviewing, and improving preparedness. It establishes a framework for each activity in mass evacuation planning for all identified hazards. It will help organizations to develop plans that are evidence-based and that can be evaluated for effectiveness. ISO 22315:2014 is intended for use by organizations with responsibility for, or involvement in, part or all of the planning for mass evacuation. It is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations that are involved in the planning for mass evacuation, such as local, regional, and national governments; statutory bodies; international and non-governmental organizations; businesses; and public and social groups. ISO 22315:2014 covers planning for mass evacuation in order to gain a more effective response during the actual evacuation. It will assist organizations to meet their obligation of saving human life and reducing suffering. ISO 22315:2014 does not cover activities to stabilize the affected area after an evacuation, protect property, and preserve the environment.


Företagsorganisation och företagsledning Allmänt (03.100.01) Samhällssäkerhet (04.140)


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Internationell titel: Societal security - Mass evacuation - Guidelines for planning (ISO 22315:2014)

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