Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 17186:2019

Identifiering av kompatibilitet mellan fordon och infrastruktur - Grafisk konsumentinformation om typ av laddning, för elfordon och laddningsplats

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This document lays down harmonized identifiers for power supply for electric road vehicles. The requirements in this standard are to complement the informational needs of users regarding the compatibility between the EV charging stations, the cable assemblies and the vehicles that are placed on the market. The identifier is intended to be visualized at EV charging stations, on vehicles, on cable assemblies, in EV dealerships and in consumer manuals as described in this document. Power supply for EVs uses vehicle inlets, socket-outlets, connectors and plugs, as mentioned in EN IEC 61851-1:— and EN 62196-1:2014. This document defines for each harmonized identifier the size, shape, colour and other information of relevance for compatibility recognition, as well as the label location. The station side identifier gives unmistakable compatibility information with either the plug of the cable assembly in case of a socket outlet configuration, or the vehicle inlet in case of attached cable configuration.


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Internationell titel: Identification of vehicles and infrastructures compatibility - Graphical expression for consumer information on EV power supply

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