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Markutrustningar för flygplatser - Krav för gränssnitt för passagerardörrar för anslutning av passagerarbrygga - Del 2: Dörrar för övre däck (ISO 7718-2:2009, IDT)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-ISO 7718-2:2017

This part of ISO 7718 specifies minimum requirements for dimensions and unobstructed space around upper deck passenger doors of future types of civil-passenger transport aircraft when they are intended to be compatible with passenger boarding bridges existing, or being planned, in airports worldwide.

This part of ISO 7718 is not necessarily applicable to existing models of civil transport aircraft, or derivative models with the same fuselage. However, it is expected that the design of such aircraft types be taken into account in the design of passenger boarding bridges capable of upper deck servicing, in addition to this part of ISO 7718.

This part of ISO 7718 is not intended to restrict in any way the basic design of any future types of civil-passenger transport aircraft. However, it aims to clarify for aircraft-design engineers the design characteristics that would make it difficult, or impossible, for a new type of aircraft to connect adequately with existing airport passenger boarding bridges.

If, on a future model, basic aircraft-design requirements impose certain dimensional characteristics that do not comply with this part of ISO 7718, one of the following will apply, and in each case, aircraft-handling constraints and operating costs will increase:
- alternative methods of embarking/disembarking passengers (e.g. integral aircraft stairs) will need to be implemented; or
- existing upper deck passenger boarding bridges will need to be modified/reworked to some extent in the airports where this type of new aircraft will operate; or
- additional interface devices/equipment will be needed to connect this type of new aircraft with existing upper deck passenger boarding bridges.


Marktjänst- och underhållsutrustningar (49.100)


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Framtagen av: Markutrustningar för flygplatser, SIS/TK 259

Internationell titel: Aircraft - Passenger doors interface requirements for connection of passenger boarding bridge - Part 2: Upper deck doors (ISO 7718-2:2009, IDT)

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