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Markutrustningar för flygplatser - Anslutningar - Placering och typer (ISO 10842:2017, IDT)

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ISO 10842:2017 specifies the locations and types of aircraft ground service connections in order to optimize ground services both fixed and mobile, for the seven different services hereafter: - 400 Hz electrical power; - preconditioned air for cabin conditioning; - pneumatic power for jet engine start; - potable water; - lavatory service (draining, flushing); - aircraft refuelling; - interphone (headset) connections. It focuses on these aircraft services because: - these connections are those most frequently used during aircraft airport turnaround operations; - in terms of economic benefit, they have the greatest impact through improved efficiency. ISO 10842:2017 is intended to apply to any new type of main line commercial transport category aircraft designed or built after its publication. In addition, it is expected that any substantially modified new derivative aircraft type in the same category (derived from a previously existing type) will, insofar as technically and economically practical, meet the requirements of this document, if specified in the aircraft type specification established between customer airline(s) and manufacturer. It is not the intent of this document to restrict in any way the basic design of any future types of civil passenger transport aircraft. It aims, however, at clarifying for aircraft design engineers the design characteristics which would make it difficult or impossible for a new type of aircraft to be adequately serviced from existing airport facilities. Should basic aircraft design requirements impose on a future model certain characteristics not complying with the present document: - either alternative methods of servicing the aircraft will have to be implemented; or - existing facilities in the airports where such a new type of aircraft is to operate will require some degree of modification/rework; or - additional interface devices/equipment will be required i ...


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Internationell titel: Aircraft - Ground service connections - Locations and types (ISO 10842:2017, IDT)

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