Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 816:2017

Sanitetsarmaturer - Automatiskt stängande ventiler, PN 10

Status: Gällande

This European Standard is applicable to single and mixer taps with automatic shut-off for use with sanitary appliances installed in washrooms. It does not apply to urinal or WC flushing valves or valves which open automatically. The purpose of this standard is to specify the marking, identification, chemical/hygiene, dimensional, leaktightness, pressure resistance, hydraulic, mechanical endurance, and acoustical characteristics of automatic shut-off tapware. The tests described in all the standard are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture The following conditions of pressure and temperature apply: Table 1 - Conditions for the use of self closing tapware (The pressures given are flow pressures)


Ventiler Allmänt (23.060.01) Sanitet (91.140.70)


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Internationell titel: Sanitary tapware - Automatic shut-off valves PN 10

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