Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 598:2007+A1:2009

Rör, rördelar och fogar för avloppsnät - Krav och provningsmetoder

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies the requirements and associated test methods applicable to ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for the construction of drains and sewers outside buildings:

- operating without pressure (gravity sewerage), or with positive or negative pressure (see Table 5);
- to be installed below or above ground;
- to convey surface water, domestic waste water and certain types of industrial effluents, either in separate systems or in combined systems.

This European Standard applies to pipes, fittings and accessories which are:

- manufactured with socketed, flanged or spigot ends;
- normally delivered externally and internally coated;
- suitable for continuous fluid temperatures between 0 °C excluding frost, and 45 °C for DN = 200 or 35 °C for DN > 200, according to EN 476;
- not intended for use in areas subject to reaction to fire regulations.

NOTE 1 This does not preclude special arrangements for the products to be used at higher temperatures.

This European Standard covers pipes, fittings and accessories cast by any type of foundry process or manufactured by fabrication of cast components, as well as corresponding joints, of a size range extending from DN 80 to DN 2000 inclusive.

This European Standard specifies requirements for materials, dimensions and tolerances, mechanical properties and standard coatings of ductile iron pipes and fittings. It also gives performance requirements for all components including joints. Joint design and gasket shapes are outside the scope of this European Standard.

NOTE 2 In this European Standard, all pressures are relative pressures, expressed in bars (100 kPa = 1 bar).


Tryckkärl - industriella rörledningar av metalliska material (23.040.05) Rör av järn och stål (23.040.10) Rördelar av metall (23.040.40)


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Internationell titel: Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for sewerage applications - Requirements and test methods

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Fastställd: 2009-07-03

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Ersätter: SS-EN 598:2007