Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1254-6:2012

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This European Standard specifies materials and test requirements for fittings of copper and copper alloys. This part of EN 1254 specifies push-fit end connections with or without plating or coating in the size range 6 mm to 54 mm for the purpose of joining tubes of copper, plated copper, multilayer pipes and plastics pipes, intended for use in hot or cold or combined hot and cold water systems, heating and cooling. Permissible operating temperatures and maximum operating pressures are also established. Fittings may comprise a combination of end types, specified in this standard, EN 1254, or other standards. The standard establishes a designation system for the fittings. This European Standard is applicable to push-fit fittings for joining one or more of the following tubes or pipes: -Copper tubes to EN 1057; -PE-X pipes to EN ISO 15875-2; -PB pipes to EN ISO 15876-2; -PP pipes to EN ISO 15874-2. -Multilayer pipes to EN ISO 21003-2. Fittings may be suitable for joining other tubes and pipes provided the push-fit joint with the specified tube or pipe meets the requirements of this standard.


Rördelar av metall (23.040.40)


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