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Fjärrkylerörsystem - Fabrikstillverkade flexibla rörsystem - Del 2: Medierör av plast med fast förband mellan värmeisolering och medierör respektive mantelrör - Krav och provningsmetoder

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This document specifies requirements and test methods for factory made thermally insulated bonded flexible pipe-in-pipe assemblies for directly buried district cooling distribution systems, comprising a service pipe and a casing of polyethylene. The pipe assembly can also include the following additional elements: measuring wires, spacers and diffusion barriers.
This document is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 17414 1.
This document applies only to insulated pipe assemblies, for continuous operation with water at various temperatures (1 to 30) °C and a maximum operation pressure of 25 bar dependent on material specified.
The design is based on an expected service life with continuous operation of a minimum 50 years.
This document does not cover surveillance systems.
In conjunction with the other parts of EN 17414, this document is applicable to pipes, fittings, their joints and to joints with components made of non-plastics materials intended to be used for district cooling installations.
NOTE For the transport of other liquids, for example potable water, additional requirements could be applicable.


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Internationell titel: District cooling pipes - Factory made flexible pipe systems - Part 2: Bonded system with plastic service pipes; requirements and test methods

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