Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13480-6:2017+C2:2019

Industriella rörledningar av metalliska material - Del 6: Tilläggskrav för markförlagda rörledningar

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This document specifies requirements for industrial piping either totally buried or partly buried and partly run in sleeves or similar protection. It is used in conjunction with the other six parts of EN 13480. Where buried piping subject to this standard connects to piping installed under other jurisdiction such as pipelines, the transition should be made at a closing element e.g. an isolating or regulating valve separating the two sections. This should be close to the boundary of the industrial site, but may be inside or outside the boundary. Operating temperature up to 75 °C. NOTE For higher temperatures reference should be made to EN 13941+A1:2010, but it should be kept in mind, that CEN/TC 107 only deals with pre-insulated piping with temperatures up to 140 °C and diameters up to 800 mm, which is state of the art for these products.


Rör Allmänt (23.040.01) Industriella rörledningar med metalliska material (SS-EN 13480) (23.040.09)


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Internationell titel: Metallic industrial piping - Part 6: Additional requirements for buried piping

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Fastställd: 2019-09-04

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Finns även på: SS-EN 13480-6:2017+C2:2019

Ersätter: SS-EN 13480-6:2017 , SS-EN 13480-6:2017 , SS-EN 13480-6:2017/A1:2019