Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 17613-1:2006

Handpumpar för dricksvatten - Urval och godkännande - Del 1: Sydostasien (ISO 17613-1:2006, IDT)

Status: Gällande

This part of 17613 specifies the selection and acceptance of manually operated pumps suitable for lifting drinking water, free of sand and/or suspended particles, from shallow and deep borewells situated in Southeast Asia. NOTE Other parts of this International Standard will address the specific needs of other geographical areas. This part of ISO 17613 is applicable to manually operated pumps. It does not apply to other existing types of pumps, such as foot, pedal-or crank-operated pumps.


Pumpar (23.080)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Pumpar, SIS/TK 227

Internationell titel: Manually operated pumps for drinking water - Selection and acceptance - Part 1: South East Asia (ISO 17613-1:2006, IDT)

Artikelnummer: STD-45529

Utgåva: 1

Fastställd: 2006-06-09

Antal sidor: 16