Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16480:2016

Pumpar - Minimikrav på effektivitet hos rotodynamiska vattenpumpar

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This European Standard specifies performance requirements (methods and procedures for testing and calculating) for determining the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) of rotodynamic glanded water pumps for pumping clean water, including where integrated in other products.

The pump types and sizes covered by this standard are described in the Annex A. These pumps are designed and produced as duty pumps for pressures up to 16 bar for end suction pumps and up to 25 bar for multistage pumps, temperatures between -10 °C and +120 °C and 4" or 6" size for submersible multistage pumps at operating temperatures within a range of 0 °C and 90 °C.

In addition, this standard specifies how the value of the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) of a pump size indicated by the manufacturer can be checked by market surveillance. Even if it is left free to the manufacturer of a pump size how to prove the rated value of the Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI), nevertheless this standard specifies a method to prove that this rated value meets the requirements within the confidence intervals with a sufficiently high probability.


Pumpar (23.080)


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