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Rotodynamiska pumpar - Hydrauliska provningskrav vid test med modellpump

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This document describes hydraulic performance tests (including cavitation tests) using a small size pump (centrifugal, mixed flow or axial pump, hereinafter referred to as a “model pump”). This document is used for pump acceptance tests with a geometrically similar model pump to guarantee the performance of a large size pump manufactured for practical use (hereinafter, a “prototype pump”). This document, however does not preclude a temporary assembly inspection or other tests on the prototype pump. Moreover, it is preferable to conduct the tests with prototype pumps unless — the capacity of the pump, namely its flow rate and/or its power input, is beyond the limitations of the test facility, though it is difficult to set a criterion for carrying out a model pump test instead of the prototype pump test in terms of the volume rate of flow or the power input, — a part of the pump is to be constructed by concrete walls and reproduction of the whole assembly is impractical, — model tests are specified by the purchaser, or — it is difficult to carry out the prototype pump test due to any other reasons. This document applies to performance tests under steady operating conditions corresponding to the prototype pump.




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Internationell titel: Rotodymanic pumps - Hydraulic performance acceptance test using a model pump

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