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Ergonomi vid människa-system interaktion - Del 333: Bildskärmar som förutsätter speciella glasögon för stereoskopiskt seende (ISO 9241-333:2017)

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ISO 9241-333:2017 specifies ergonomic requirements for stereoscopic displays using glasses designed to produce or facilitate binocular parallax. These requirements are stated as performance specifications, aimed at ensuring effective and comfortable viewing conditions for users, and at reducing visual fatigue caused by stereoscopic images on stereoscopic display using glasses. Test methods and metrology, yielding conformance measurements and criteria, are provided for design evaluation. See Annex B for measurement procedures. ISO 9241-333:2017 is applicable to temporally or spatially interlaced types of display. These are implemented by flat-panel displays, projection displays, etc. Stereoscopic displays using glasses can be applied to many contexts of use. However, this document focuses on business and home leisure applications (i.e. observing moving images, games, etc.). Only dark environments are specified in this document. For technical explanation of display technologies, see Annex C.


Ergonomi - Människa-systeminteraktion (12.040) Ergonomi (13.180) Terminalutrustning och övrig kringutrustning (35.180)


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Internationell titel: Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 333: Stereoscopic displays using glasses (ISO 9241-333:2017)

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