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Vägbelysning - Del 1: Vägledning till val av belysningsklasser

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This Technical Report specifies the lighting classes set out in EN 13201-2 and gives guidelines on the selection of the most appropriate class for a given situation. To do this, it includes a system to define appropriate lighting classes for different outdoor public areas in terms of parameters relevant to guarantee the aims presented in introductions.

The decision on whether a road should be lit is defined in the national road lighting policy. This varies by country or municipality. Specific guidelines are usually available at national level for each country. This Technical Report does not give the criteria on which a decision to light an area can be made, nor on how a lighting installation should be used. Further guidance is given in CIE 115:2010 (Paragraph 1.2 and Annex A).

The methods presented in Clauses 5, 6 and 7 have to be considered as the starting points of a comprehensive approach for the normal road lighting. In that sense, the models cannot cover all the different road cases; they introduce general parameters and the impact on lighting requirements. Only the real situation and its unique characteristics (geometry of the road, marking, visual environment, difficulty of the navigation task, lack of visibility, risks of glares due to existing elements, local weather, specific users such as high rate of elderly or visually impaired people, etc.) can lead to a final determination of the appropriate lighting class applying risk evaluation techniques.


Ergonomi - Ljus och belysning (12.020) Gatubelysning och tillhörande utrustning (93.080.40)


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Internationell titel: Road lighting - Part 1: Guidelines on selection of lighting classes

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