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Ergonomisk vägledning för optimering av muskuloskeletal arbetsbelastning (ISO/TS 20646:2014, Corrected version 2014-02-15, IDT)

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This Technical Specification provides information and guidelines to properly utilize various ergonomics standards concerning the factors related to musculoskeletal workload (MSWL), and helps develop activities to reduce or optimize MSWL in workplaces and non-professional activities, in an effective and efficient manner. The activities are intended to be based on a risk assessment. This Technical Specification is intended primarily for employers, ergonomics and occupational health-related staff and workers in enterprises, and workers. Prevention of MSWL is not always a matter of reducing the load. The approach to reducing MSWL also involves assessing the work environment and organization as a system to identify how changes can help to safely manage MSWL. Although this Technical Specification provides ideas of effective and efficient measures to reduce or optimize MSWL, it does not certify the complete prevention of health problems caused by MSWL.


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Internationell titel: Ergonomics guidelines for the optimization of musculoskeletal workload (ISO/TS 20646:2014, Corrected version 2014-02-15, IDT)

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