Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14963:2006

Takprodukter - Grupperade ljusinsläpp av plast med eller utan sarg - Klassning, krav och provningsmetoder

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This European Standard specifies requirements for continuous rooflights made of plastic materials (e.g. GF-UP, PC, PMMA, PVC) with or without bearing profiles to be used with upstands made of e.g. GF-UP, PVC, steel, aluminium, wood or concrete, for laying in roofs, which serve the purpose of lighting by means of daylight and, possibly, of ventilating interior spaces by means of opening devices. This European Standard applies to continuous rooflights without upstand and to continuous rooflights, where a single manufacturer provides all components of the rooflight with upstand, which are bought in a single purchase. Products covered by this European Standard may be supplied as continuous rooflights with and without upstand and rooflights intended to be used with an upstand, for which the upstand is specified, but not supplied. It applies to continuous rooflights when mounted with an inclination d in the longitudinal direction not more than 10° to the horizontal and not more than 10° in the transversal direction (see Figure 1): a) with bearing profiles: ? symmetrical, angled, curved (see Figure 2) or flat (see Figure 3); ? constructed with bearing profiles parallel to the span and with a rectangular ground plan; b) without bearing profiles: ? symmetrical, angled or curved with an a angle not more than 45° (measured to the horizontal at the line of fixing, see Figure 4); ? constructed with a span (width) lower than or equal 2,5 m and with a rectangular ground plan. This European Standard applies to continuous rooflights, including barrel vault rooflights, with a rectangular ground plan of plastic glazing laying in roofs having, in addition a minimum distance of b/3 (b = effective span of rooflights, corresponding to the light opening). The upstands may be self-supporting or non self-supporting.


Yttertak (91.060.20)


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Framtagen av: Takprodukter, taksäkerhet och tätskikt för byggnadsverk, SIS/TK 193

Internationell titel: Roof coverings - Continuous rooflights of plastics with or without upstands - Classification, requirements and test methods

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Fastställd: 2006-11-02

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