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Luftfilter för allmän ventilation - Del 3: Bestämning av gravimetrisk(vikt) partikelavskiljning och luftflödesmotstånd kontra stoftbelastning (ISO 16890-3:2016)

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This part of ISO 16890 specifies the test equipment and the test methods used for measuring the gravimetric efficiency and resistance to air flow of air filter for general ventilation.
It is intended for use in conjunction with ISO 16890-1, ISO 16890-2 and ISO 16890-4.
The test method described in this part of ISO 16890 is applicable for air flow rates between 0,25 m3/s (900 m3/h, 530 ft3/min) and 1,5 m3/s (5 400 m3/h, 3 178 ft3/min), referring to a test rig with a nominal face area of 610 mm × 610 mm (24 in × 24 in).
ISO 16890 (all parts) refers to particulate air filter elements for general ventilation having an ePM1 efficiency less than or equal to 99 % and an ePM10 efficiency greater than 20 % when tested as per the procedures defined within ISO 16890 (all parts).
Air filter elements outside of this aerosol fraction are evaluated by other applicable test methods. See ISO 29463 (all parts).
Filter elements used in portable room-air cleaners are excluded from the scope of this part of ISO 16890.
The performance results obtained in accordance with ISO 16890 (all parts) cannot by themselves be quantitatively applied to predict performance in service with regard to efficiency and lifetime.


Ventilation och luftkonditionering (91.140.30)


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Internationell titel: Air filters for general ventilation - Part 3: Determination of the gravimetric efficiency and the air flow resistance versus the mass of test dust captured (ISO 16890-3:2016)

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