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Vattenförsörjning - Invändig utrustning - Aktivmediafilter - Krav på utförande, säkerhet och provning

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This European Standard specifies requirements relating to the construction, performance and methods of testing for active media filters for drinking water installations inside buildings, with a maximum working pressure of at least 1 000 kPa and a maximum working temperature of less than 30 °C. It only concerns units, which are permanently connected to the mains supply at the point of entry or point of use.
This standard applies only to filter systems comprising a housing and filter media tested together.
It includes capsule type units where both the element and its outer housing are disposable.
NOTE Products intended for use in water supply systems are to comply, when existing, with national regulations and testing arrangements that ensure fitness for contact with drinking water. The Member States relevant regulators and the EC Commission agreed on the principle of a future unique European Acceptance Scheme (EAS) which would provide a common testing and approval arrangement at European level.
If and when the EAS is adopted, European Standards on products will be amended by the addition of an Annex Z/EAS under Mandate M/136 which will contain formal references to the testing, certification and product marking requirements of the EAS. Until the EAS comes into force, the current national regulations remain applicable.


Vatteninstallationer (91.140.60)


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Internationell titel: Water conditioning equipment inside buildings - Active media filters - Requirements for performance, safety and testing

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Ersätter: SS-EN 14898:2006