Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14801:2006

Avlopp - Tryckklassifikation för produkter i rörledningar för vatten och avlopp

Status: Gällande

This document applies to components (pipes, joints, fittings, ferrules and valves), which have pressure related
classification in European Standards covering products which are intended to be used for buried water supply
and waste water pressure pipelines outside buildings. It specifies combinations of loading conditions and
installation conditions to be used in the design method by reference to the relevant product standard for the
determination of the allowable pressures (PFA, PMA and PEA) as defined in EN 805.
This document does not apply as an installation guide.
NOTE 1 This document does not give the full range of installation and loading parameters for all components and does
not specify calculation and/or test methods for determination of the allowable pressures.
NOTE 2 This document does not relieve designers of their obligation under EN 805:2000, 8.4; e.g. to consider all
conditions not addressed in clause 5 (e. g. seismic loads).
NOTE 3 This document does not deal with marking of components.


Yttre transportsystem för vatten (93.025) Utvändiga avloppssystem (93.030)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Avloppsteknik, SIS/TK 198/AG 03

Internationell titel: Conditions for pressure classification of products for water and wastewater pipelines

Artikelnummer: STD-45797

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Fastställd: 2006-07-07

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