Nordic Climate Project

The “Nordic Climate project” is funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and conducted by the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) in collaboration with Danish Standards (DS), the Finnish Standards Association (SFS), Icelandic Standards (IST) and Standards Norway (SN).


The project's overall objective is to support, via the standardisation tool, municipalities and regions in the Nordic countries with their climate work.

On the 2nd of November a “progress meeting” was organised and the next step is to formulate scope proposals for two topics, “climate/carbon dioxide budgets for cities/regions (work group 1)” and “calculation methodology for climate emissions – territorial and consumption based - in cities/regions (work group 2)” as a basis for the development of Nordic standards.

Don’t hesitate to contact if you have questions about this project and/or if you want to join one or both work groups.

Final report

Wk 13 January 2022
Nordic project to contribute to local authorities' climate work - Final report.pdf

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