Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 18629-12:2005

Industriell automation - Språk för specifikation av processer - Del 12: Yttre kärna (ISO 18629-12:2005, IDT)

Status: Gällande

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This part of ISO 18629 provides a representation of the concepts that belong to the Outer core of the language, through a set of axioms and definitions. These axioms provide an axiomatization of the semantics for terminology in the ISO 18629 Outer core.
The following are within the scope of this part of ISO 18629:
- the aggregation of activities and sub-activities;
- discrete activities and state;
- constraints on the occurrence of activities;
- concurrency for primitive activities;
- complex activities;
- occurrences of complex activities.


Mätning och styrning av industriella processer (25.040.40)