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Vibration och stöt - Tillståndsövervakning och diagnos av maskiner - Tillståndsövervakning med hjälp av vibrationer - Del 1: Allmänt förfarande

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This part of ISO 13373 provides general guidelines for the measurement and data collection functions of machinery vibration for condition monitoring. It is intended to promote consistency of measurement procedures and practices, which usually concentrate on rotating machines. Because of the diversity of approaches to condition monitoring, recommendations specific to a particular kind of monitoring programme will be addressed in additional parts of ISO 13373. This part of ISO 13373 is a basic document which presents recommendations of a general nature, encompassing - measurement methods, - measurement parameters, - transducer selection, - transducer location, - transducer attachment, - data collection, - machine operating conditions, - vibration monitoring systems, - signal conditioning systems, - interfaces with data-processing systems, - continuous monitoring, and - periodic monitoring.


Vibrationer och stöt, vibrationsmätning (17.160)


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