Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 1219-2:2012

Hydraulik och pneumatik - Grafiska symboler och kretsscheman - Del 2: Kretscheman (ISO 1219-2:2012, IDT)

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This part of ISO 1219 establishes the main rules for drawing hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagrams using graphical symbols drawn in accordance with ISO 1219-1.

This part of ISO 1219 also applies to circuit diagrams relating to cooling systems, lubrication systems, cooling lubricant systems and systems of technical gases used in conjunction with fluid power applications.

It also includes examples of circuit diagrams.

NOTE In addition to the text in English and French, two of the three official ISO languages, this part of ISO 1219 gives the equivalent text in German; this ispublished under the responsibility of the member body for Germany (DIN). However, only the text given in the official languages of ISO can be considered as ISO text.


Ritningar, scheman och kartor Hydrauliska system Allmänt


Språk: Franska Engelska

Framtagen av: Hydraulik och pneumatik, SIS/TK 106

Internationell titel: Fluid power systems and components - Graphical symbols and circuit diagrams - Part 2: Circuit diagrams (ISO 1219-2:2012, IDT)

Artikelnummer: STD-87478

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Fastställd: 2012-09-18

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