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Rörkopplingar för hydraulik och pneumatik och allmänna ändamål - Del 1: 24 grader konisk koppling (ISO 8434-1:2007)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 8434-1:2018 Korrigeras av: SS-EN ISO 8434-1:2007/AC:2009

This part of ISO 8434 specifies the general and dimensional requirements for 24° cone connectors using cutting ring and O-ring seal cone (referred to as DKO) suitable for use with ferrous and non-ferrous tubes with outside diameters from 4 mm to 42 mm inclusive. These connectors are for use in fluid power and general applications within the limits of pressure and temperature specified in this part of ISO 8434. They are intended for the connection of plain end tubes and hose fittings to ports in accordance with ISO 6149-1, ISO 1179-1 and ISO 9974-1. (See ISO 12151-2 for related hose fitting specification.) These connectors provide full-flow connections in hydraulic systems operating to the working pressures shown in Table 1. Because many factors influence the pressure at which a system performs satisfactorily, these values are not to be understood as guaranteed minimums. For every application, sufficient testing will need to be conducted and reviewed by both the user and manufacturer to ensure that required performance levels are met.


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Internationell titel: Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use - Part 1: 24 degree cone connectors (ISO 8434-1:2007)

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Fastställd: 2007-09-13

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Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 8434-1 , SS-EN ISO 8434-4

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