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This European Standard defines and specifies the relevant characteristics and requirements of flat surface wood flooring products and parquets as well as the appropriate test methods for determination of their suitability for use as internal flooring, including fully enclosed public transport premises. The European Standards for specific wood flooring products and parquets to which this European Standard relates, and which provide product definitions and requirements for dimensional tolerances, include the following: - solid parquet elements with tongues and grooves (EN 13226); - solid lamparquet products (EN 13227); - solid wood overlay elements including blocks with an interlocking system (EN 13228); - mosaic parquet elements (EN 13488); - multi-layer parquet elements (EN 13489); - solid pre-assembled hardwood board (EN 13629); - solid softwood floor boards (EN 13990); - wood veneer floor coverings (EN 14354); - solid wood parquet — vertical finger, wide finger and module brick (EN 14761). This European Standard may also apply to other wood flooring products and parquets than those standards above. However, it does not specify any requirements for dimensional limits of tolerances of such products. This European Standard provides also for the evaluation of conformity and the requirements for marking the wood flooring products and parquets. This European Standard covers wood flooring products and parquets which may or may not be treated to improve their reaction to fire performance or their durability against biological agents. This European Standard does not apply to: - wood flooring products and parquets specifically manufactured for enhanced tactile and recognition; - bamboo flooring products; - laminate flooring products; - product made with plants such as aloe or cork or coconut. This European Standard covers wood flooring products and parquets with or without paint, varnish, lacquer, wax or oil.


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