Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 54-13:2017

Brand och räddning - Branddetekterings- och brandlarmsystem - Del 13: Bedömning av systemkomponenters kompatibilitet

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies the requirements for compatibility and connectability assessment of components of fire detection and fire alarm systems (including voice alarm systems as a subsystem of fire detection and fire alarm system). The components conform to either with the requirements of EN 54 or with a manufacturer’s specification where there is no EN 54 standard.
The requirements for the transmission path used for a distributed function are covered by the relevant EN 54 standard and not by this document.
This document also specifies requirements for the integrity of the fire detection and fire alarm system when connected to other systems.
This document does not specify the manner in which the system is designed, installed and used in any particular application.
This document recognizes that it is not practical to assess the compatibility or connectability of components in all possible configurations. Methods of assessment are specified to reach an acceptable degree of confidence within pre-determined operational and environmental conditions.
This document specifies requirements related to compatibility and connectability assessment methods and tests for the components belonging to FDAS or connecting FDAS.
This document does not cover components or functions which are not included in a FDAS like functions achieved by a building management system.
This document is applicable to systems where the components are interconnected by electrical wires or optical fibre or by radio frequency links or by any combination. For other interconnection technology between components this standard may be used as a guidance.
NOTE Other European Standards are expected to cover the requirements of the other systems which may be connected to the fire detection and fire alarm system.




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Internationell titel: Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 13: Compatibility and connectability assessment of system components

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Fastställd: 2017-02-20

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Ersätter: SS-EN 54-13:2005