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Markundersökningar - Bedömning av humanexponering för jord och jordmaterial genom intag - Metod för uppskattning av human biotillgänglighet av metaller i jord (ISO 17924:2018, IDT)

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This document deals with the assessment of human exposure from ingestion of soil and soil materials. It specifies a physiologically based test procedure for the estimation of the human bioaccessibility of metals from contaminated soil in connection with the evaluation of the exposure related to human oral uptake. The method is a sequential extraction using synthetic gastrointestinal fluids and can be used to estimate oral bioaccessibility. Soils or other geological materials, in sieved form, are extracted in an environment that simulates the basic physicochemical conditions of the human gastrointestinal tract. This document describes a method to simulate the release of metals from soil and soil materials after passage through three compartments of the human gastrointestinal tract (mouth, stomach and small intestine). It produces extracts that are representative of the concentration of potentially harmful elements in the human gastrointestinal tract for subsequent chemical characterization. NOTE 1 Bioaccessibility can be used to approximate oral bioavailability. NOTE 2 The test has been validated for arsenic, cadmium and lead in an interlaboratory trial. The method has been in vivo validated to assess the oral bioavailability of arsenic, cadmium and lead.


Biologiska egenskaper hos jord (13.080.30)


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Internationell titel: Soil quality - Assessment of human exposure from ingestion of soil and soil material - Procedure for the estimation of the human bioaccessibility/bioavailability of metals in soil (ISO 17924:2018, IDT)

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