Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14899:2005

Karaktärisering av avfall - Provtagning - Riktlinjer för upprättande och tillämpning av en provtagningsplan

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This European Standard specifies the procedural steps to be taken in the preparation and application of a Sampling Plan. The Sampling Plan describes the method of collection of the laboratory sample necessary for meeting the objective of the testing programme. The principles or basic rules outlined in this European Standard, provide a framework that can be used by the project manager to: --produce standardised Sampling Plans for use in regular or routine circumstances (elaboration of daughter/derived standards dedicated to well defined sampling scenarios); -- incorporate the specific sampling requirements of European and national legislation; -- design and develop a Sampling Plan for use on a case by case basis. This European Standard has been developed for the characterization of waste. There may be a need for more than one Sampling Plan to meet all the requirements of the testing programme. Ultimately the Sampling Plan provides the sampler with detailed instructions on how sampling should be carried out. NOTE Although this European Standard in most cases refers to the taking of one sample or increment or the preparation of one laboratory sample, it should be noted that often this should be more than one. For simplicity reasons this European Standard uses singular terms, while plural terms are also possible or even likely.


Allmänt Avfall (13.030.01)


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Framtagen av: Karaktärisering av avfall, mark och slam, SIS/TK 535

Internationell titel: Characterization of waste - Sampling of waste materials - Framework for the preparation and application of a Sampling Plan

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Fastställd: 2005-12-16

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