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Hårdlödning - Diskontinuiteter och formavvikelser i hårdlödförband (ISO 18279:2003)

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This European Standard details a classification of imperfections that can occur in brazing joints. In addition guidance is provided on quality levels and suggested limits for imperfections are detailed. For requirements not covered by this standard, reference is to be made to other sources, e.g. statutory regulations, codes of practice and technical delivery conditions. No information is given on how imperfections are to be assessed in individual cases because this depends on the requirements for the particular brazed joint. These imperfections are not always detectable by the use of nondestructive testing alone. The standard covers only imperfections that can occur in connection with brazing without the effect of any additional service loads. Only the type, shape and position of such imperfections are covered; no indication is given of the conditions of occurrence or causes. For requirements for brazed joints which are relevant and essential to the particular function of the component, reference should be made to the relevant documentation, e.g. manufacturing documents or procedure sheets. NOTE It is important that these requirements be precisely prescribed and that compliance with them be verifiable. Compliance may be established by testing either the brazed assembly itself or a test piece produced under comparable conditions. The requirements should be established and fully documented before any classification is undertaken. This European Standard does not lay down requirements for acceptance levels for imperfections since these will differ very markedly, depending on the application, but it does suggest some quality levels which may be of value in the absence of more detailed information.


Hårdlödning och mjuklödning (25.160.50)


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