Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 2826:2011

Aerospace series - Burning behaviour of non metallic materials under the influence of radiating heat and flames - Determination of gas components in the smoke

Status: Gällande

This European Standard defines a test method to determine the concentration of certain gas components due to pyrolitic decomposition of solid materials and composite materials under the influence of radiant heat only or with simultaneous flame application. NOTE 1 The gas components in the smoke are determined according to the specific environmental and test conditions defined in EN 2824 and this standard. No studies have been made up to now to determine whether the results can be transferred to different conditions, particularly to actual fire conditions. The inhalatory toxical risk and irritancy affect cannot be assessed by merely measuring the concentration of individual gas components in the smoke. NOTE 2 The burning behaviour and consequently the gas components in the smoke of aerospace materials are not only influenced by the type of material but also to a large extent by the configuration, the specific surface and mass, the combination with other materials, the means of joining as well as the processing technique. NOTE 3 These influences shall be taken into account in the preparation of tests, the selection of test specimens and the interpretation of test results.


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